Blog 5

Digital resources for historians are extremely useful in researching and finding sources. Databases like JSTOR and UMW library make it relatively simple to research a certain topic or author and they also make it much more efficient. A historian can find peer reviewed sources, books, […]

Blog 4

Women’s and Gender history, Social and Cultural history, Ethnohistory, and Environmental history are all more recent fields of historiography. They are centered around groups, and the environment, that were previously overlooked in prior fields of historiography. They offer new perspectives and experiences from societies that […]

Blog 3

I do not find the more traditional historiographical fields appealing, but I do think that they are very important for historians to write about. I would always choose to read about the more contemporary fields, especially cultural historiographies, because they feel more personal than the […]

Blog 2

Parkman wrote about the Seven Years War, also known as the French and Indian War. His writings read more as a story than they do historical writings, and it is unique because it seems to only tell one side of the story which is unusual […]

Blog 1

Popular and academic histories do not always align because of the ways in which they are written and/or who they are written by. However, there were times in history when popular history was all that was written about academically because most historians were raised and […]