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Popular and academic histories do not always align because of the ways in which they are written and/or who they are written by. However, there were times in history when popular history was all that was written about academically because most historians were raised and educated in the same places, so they all adopted the same popular views on history. Academic history has a pattern of adopting and latching on to a narrow piece of history and finding sources to validate and push the narrative that is trying to be made or upheld. Some examples of this can be seen in the American Revolution and the Civil War. In writings about the Civil War, many academic historians have attempted to avoid the issue of slavery and imply that it is irrelevant to the war itself. Even in more general accounts places that allowed slavery, the enslaved people were noticeably glossed over and spoken about briefly, even though they were a majority of the population in many of these places. There are documentaries that cover the South and follow the lives of enslaved people in depth, and showing their troubles, and then there are films about the South that rarely mention slaves at all.

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