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Women’s and Gender history, Social and Cultural history, Ethnohistory, and Environmental history are all more recent fields of historiography. They are centered around groups, and the environment, that were previously overlooked in prior fields of historiography. They offer new perspectives and experiences from societies that were not being covered in the more traditional fields. The traditional fields discuss economic, military, political aspects of society but do not do much to understand the societies as a whole. It is important to understand the military, politics, and economics of past times, but it is also important to understand what societies were like during these times which is what the purpose of these fields is.

I am interested in all of these fields because they give a better understanding to the lives of people from previous times. When reading pieces from these fields I feel as if I am emerged in that time and understanding how the citizens dealt with their issues. The pieces that I enjoy the most are the ones that trace the field from its early stages and evaluate the changes that have occurred. I also feel that these fields overlap quite a bit because it is hard not to discuss women, gender, ethnohistory, etc, without discussing the social and cultural aspects that occurred because of them.

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