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Digital resources for historians are extremely useful in researching and finding sources. Databases like JSTOR and UMW library make it relatively simple to research a certain topic or author and they also make it much more efficient. A historian can find peer reviewed sources, books, or online articles in a few seconds, opposed to the time it would take to go through library stacks, especially when every library carries different items. Digital resources like these databases also provide tools like citations which make the overall researching and writing process much easier because one would save time having to form their own citations.

Having these digital resources for researching and analysis also makes mediums like dissertations, books, and other products easier to produce. Many of my professors have written books and they end up spening a lot of time at libraries, but they do most of their research to find their arguments ahead of time.

Presentations are always made better when using digital resources. Take the History Symposium for example, no one would want to sit through three to four presentations without any visual aids. PowerPoints make long presentations much more engaging because the audience is not responsible for remembering all of the information as it is showcased on the slides.

Digital resources are useful in all professions and can make any work more efficient. PowerPoint is really the most universal of the tools and it could be argued that it is used the most in professional workspaces. In businesses, they would use tools like Excel and PowerPoint when group and presenting on their data. In education, teachers would use databases (like the NY Archives) to find content and lesson plans for their classrooms and may use PowerPoint to teach them. The medical field would be stagnant if it were not for resources like peer reviewed journals, because these are where the new research is presented and often added to the methods of treatment of many diseases.

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